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Council on Legislation Afterglow Party

The PDGs Fellowship sponsored an afterglow party at the conclusion of the Council on Legislation in downtown Chicago, on Friday, 15 April. The event included the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise tour of Chicago on Friday afternoon at 4 PM and then dinner together on Friday evening, before the delegates and observers headed home on Saturday morning. They experienced the "top tour in Chicago and one of the top ten tours in the U.S." according to TripAdvisor users. The Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise is a must for out-of-towners and Chicagoans alike. The volunteer tour guide —called docent—interpreted more than 50 buildings along the Chicago River. Participants found out how Chicago grew from a small settlement into one of the world's largest cities in less than 100 years. In 90 minutes, they got the real story on Chicago architecture and its history.

Following the river cruise participants experienced more fellowship by enjoying dinner with other PDGs in small groups at a choice of restaurants within a short walk of the Chicago Marriott Hotel (COL location).

The afterglow events attracted about 150 for the river cruise and 125 for the fellowship dinners. More information about the events will be posted soon.

2016 Annual Meeting in Seoul

We will not have a booth in Seoul this year, but plan to have one the following year in Atlanta. Please check the General Fellowship booth for PDGs Fellowship information.

Our Annual Membership meeting will take place on Tuesday May 31 from 2:30 to 4:00 in room 209A (theater style seating for 100 people).

A proposed mix and mingle event with the RI presidents will be held in the convention center, near the House of Friendship, from 3:00 to 4:00 on Saturday afternoon. Therefore, the PDGs Fellowship is planning a cash bar reception for its members in the House of Friendship immediately following the end of the presidents' event at 4:00. Both of the events will be a good way to start the convention!

1. Call to order at 2:30

2. Membership report

3. Treasurer's report

4. Election of officers for 2016-17 (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar)

5. Election of three directors for 2016-17 (Three for three year terms)

6. Reports from affiliated Rotary groups - 2017 Presidential Conference - January 2017 - San Diego, California

7. Discussion of 2015-16 priorities for the PDGs Fellowship

A. Establishing a Facebook page

B. How can the fellowship best enhance friendship and fellowship by PDGs at the following levels? 1) Districts, 2) Multidistrict PETS, 3) 41 Regions, 4) 34 Zones

C. Reports of PDG activities in various districts and zones.

D. Report of the PDG Fellowship "After Glow" event in Evanston after the council on legislation.

8. Discussion of 2016-2017 priorities for the PDGs Fellowship

9. Next AGM in Atlanta, Georgia USA

10. Other business and announcements

11. Closing remarks

12. Adjournment at 4:00

Fellowship Event in Evanston

The PDGs Fellowship is sponsoring an event in Evanston on the last weekend of June that will begin with a reception on Friday evening, 24 June, and end on Saturday afternoon, 25 June. The program is still being developed, but it will be educational with several Rotary Senior Leaders in attendance. So please place it on your calendars, and we will send the details to you in a month or so!



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Useful RI Links

Council On Legislation Information
Here is the information on the RI website about the COL.

RI Board Decisions
This page is hard to find on the RI website, so we provide a link to it for your convenience.

TRF Trustees Decisions
This page is hard to find on the RI website, so we provide a link to it for your convenience.

PDG Reunion in Indiana

Every year in August the Past District Governors in the state of Indiana have a reunion. The 2015 version was once again a huge success with nearly 30 Past Governors attending. The event was held at the home of PDG Jerry Erskine and Marge. The photo was provided by PRID Tom Branum.

Mission Statement

The purposes of the PDGs Fellowship, as stated in the bylaws, are as follows:

The primary purpose of the fellowship is to improve and enhance the existing friendship and fellowship among Rotarians who have served as district governors by increasing the number of reunions and similar events at all levels of Rotary, including the annual conventions. The secondary purposes are to provide additional opportunities for past district governors to remain actively involved and connected at the international level of Rotary and to motivate past district governors to support important Rotary activities, such as PolioPlus, TRF fundraising, international service projects, and membership growth.

PDG Reunion in Ashland, Oregon

This was the first official fellowship reunion for the 2010-11 Governors (Burgundy Brigade/Generators) in zones 25 & 26. There were about twenty of us landing in Ashland for a weekend of fun, food, theater, frosty beverages, and site seeing. We had so much fun we are looking at gathering again next year on the beautiful island of Catalina, California.

Pictures taken by PDG Roger Schulte

Invitation to Presidential Conferences

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Philippine College of Rotary Governors
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PDGs: Rotary's Wasted Resource (1059 KB)
Originally published in the 'Rotary Down Under' (RDU) magazine in 2011.


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Support the preservation of this historic Rotary home.


List of Current Members
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